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Pain In The Neck: Is It From Your Cellphone? Dangers of Forward Head Posture, AKA "Text Neck"

The tremendous strain placed on the neck from prolonged computer use, looking down on tablets, phones and gaming devices can start to change the natural alignment of the cervical (neck) spine.

How many hours do you spend every day on your phone?

To get a better idea of the strain that looking down for hours does to your neck, ask yourself, which of these best describes you?


Our bodies were not designed to look down for long periods of times. If you know how it feels to walk around with your child over your shoulders for a few hours, imagine carrying them for the amount of time you or your child is looking down on the phone.

Every day. For weeks. And years.

That physical strain is not a small strain and daily repetition of that stress is one of the most common reasons why even young children are having cervical spine changes and pain earlier in life.

Misalignment in the spine affects cervical nerves, muscles in your neck and upper back and can even put pressure on blood vessels leading to the head symptoms can include headaches, migraines, dizziness, soreness and pain, trigger points, muscle tension and imbalance, numbness, tingling in the neck or down arms, shoulder pain, reduced range of motion, and wear and tear on cervical discs.


Adam's Test

Adam’s Test is a simple scan parents can do at home for curvature in the mid back. It will not be able to show signs of early curvature of for low back scoliosis. It is highly recommended that parents take their child to a healthcare professional for an exam.

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