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life after reversal care

Agueda used to have numbness, tingling and pain in her feet that made walking very difficult.

She had a 37% improvement in her right foot and about 75% in her left within the first phase of her treatment and is very happy with her results.

Ralph had to switch his career from his passion of art & photography due to unbearable pain and numbness in his feet. He was at near-permanent nerve damage due to his chemotherapy.


In just 90 days, he had over 47% improvement in both of his feet through our program.

Gail is a cancer survivor but her chemotherapy caused her severe Neuropathy.


After our program she was able to take walks outside again, do chores around the house and take care of her baby sister just as her sister used to take care of her-all without any pain. Her goal is for them to travel around the world together.

Ron had tingling, burning pain that kept him up at night. His  Doctor diagnosed him with Diabetic Neuropathy but didn't do anything for it.


He and his wife, Diane, are able to walk their dog Jack without pain, go grocery shopping, enjoy vacation and sleep through the night without pain.


Diane was also able to improve her sciatica through High Intensity Laser Therapy as well and noticed a big change in the first session.

Steve had severe sensory nerve damage which caused him to experienced pain and a bothersome "scrunched up sock" sensation even when he was barefoot.


He is able to walk, work and sleep better and is pain-free since starting the program.

over 35,000 patients have transformed their lives

Nhyeema felt like "a 20 year old in an 80 year old's body" when she experienced a sudden onset of severe Neuropathy due to medication.


After a battle of having to rush to the ER, having overnight stays at the hospital, seeing multiple Doctors, Neurologists and even GI Specialists, she found our office and is back to living a normal life again.

When Stella was diagnosed with Neuropathy, her Neurologist told her to buy a cane and wheelchair because Neuropathy was incurable and that there was nothing she can do.


After our program, Stella walked for hours at the Museum of Science and Industry without a cane and without any pain!

Brian was skeptical when he heard about our program because his Doctors told him that there was "no cure for Neuropathy". But soon after starting our program, the burning and throbbing of his feet quickly disappeared.


He's now able to run around and play with his grandkids and do other things he hasn't been able to do in years.

take back


of your life

Lola is a loving Abuela to her beautiful family. Neuropathy severely affected her ability to do normal every day activities like cooking, walking and caring for herself.

She said she is so grateful to gain her independence and enjoy her life again through our program.

Pablo had severe numbness and pain that especially affected him at night and the end of the day.


In only after his initial treatment phase, he had a near normal test result and is able to work and enjoy time with his family without pain.

David had Neuropathy for many years. He would even sometimes walk with a limp and was afraid that his condition was so severe that he would need amputation. His previous chiropractor gave up on him and told him he needed to find someone else. He found our office.


He had 85% loss of feelings and had only 15%  loss after only 90 days. He is very happy with the results and is working towards going back to 100% pain free.

Keith suffered from a lot of numbness, tingling, and soreness on the bottoms of his feet all day. It had been progressively getting worse for 6-7 months.


In only 90 days, Keith was able to improve his blood flow, regain feeling from numbness and is now able to sleep through the night and enjoy golf.

Q suffered from Type 2 Diabetic Neuropathy. He had bad pain in his feet and toes and was always uncomfortable. Sometimes they would get so bad and feel like pins and needles and electric shock.


After the initial phase of the program, he had over a 64% improvement, was able to reduce his blood sugar levels from 160 to under 100, was able to get off some of his medications and is able to walk, run and sleep through the night.

Marva had severe nerve pain and burning in her legs to the point where she couldn't walk or sleep. Her insurance didn't cover treatment, but she was able to receive help through her sister Linda who set up a Go Fund Me Page.


Marva can now walk, cooks all the time, and is living completely life pain-free.

Dawn spends her entire workday on her feet and her Neuropathy had gotten so bad that the pain was unbearable by the end of the day.


She hardly has any pain or numbness now and is able to work and enjoy her time feeling back to her old self.

James had issues in his hands, feet and low back with pain for 3 years.

The tingling in his hands have disappeared and he is able to walk and play with his youngest son without pain!

97% success rate

with over

35,000 patients nationwide


*Long term pain relief, improved sensation response, and improved balance for patients compliant to their treatment plan. 


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