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Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy


The natural, effective and drug-free nature of chiropractic care makes it one of the most commonly sought-out medical care for expectant mothers experiencing pregnancy related pain. For the safety of the developing child, it is advised that pregnant mothers avoid any medications or drugs. Chiropractic care before, during and after pregnancy helps women stay healthy and strong during their pregnancy journey. Tilson Chiropractic FamilyCare uses special techniques and equipment to allow the mother to be treated comfortably and effectively.


During pregnancy, the mother's body undergoes extraordinary changes. Rapid weight and body changes over a relatively short period of time causes pain in pregnant women. Such symptoms commonly include low back pain, hip pain and hip dysfunction, swollen legs and ankles, morning sickness, misalignment and muscle aches. Dr. Tilson has helped hundreds of expectant mothers to have a happy and healthy pregnancy journey. He does this by optimizing the function of the nervous system--the brain to body connection--through specific corrections to the spine called adjustments.

At Tilson Chiropractic FamilyCare, patients can receive regular prenatal massages after their first trimester and receive adjustments up until the week of expected delivery. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) recommends that pregnant women receive chiropractic care throughout pregnancy to achieve pelvic balance. This can give babies a better chance of moving into a correct position for birth. Optimal baby position at the time of birth also results in an easier labor and delivery for both the mother and baby.


It is important to understand that chiropractors are not turning babies or assessing and managing any fetal conditions or positions directly, but rather ensuring balance in a pregnant woman's body which may result in the fetus achieving an ideal position for birth.


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Pre-Pregnancy Care Benefits

  • Promotes a healthy nervous system
  • Promotes regular menstrual cycles
  • Help optimize uterine function
  • Prepares body for healthy implantation
  • Ensures proper nerve supply to reproductive organs

Post-Pregnancy Care Benefits

  • Reduces back pain
  • May help shorten labor time
  • Pelvic alignment and balance
  • Lowers risk of preeclamsia
  • Reduces need for pain medication
  • More comfort while breastfeeding
  • Greater production of breastmilk
  • Lower incidence of postpartum depression


Chiropractic Care for Children


Children, like adult chiropractic patients, can greatly benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic pediatrics are safe for children when performed by highly skilled doctors of chiropractic health care. Adding chiropractic treatment to childhood wellness care makes it easier to handle problems early or prevent them all together. Chiropractic adjustments are a natural way to reduce your child’s pain and improve healthy growth and development.


Early spine care provides protection to your child’s nervous system. The brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves are responsible for your child’s digestion, elimination, respiratory and immune system function. It is important these systems develop properly in order to promote long-term health.


The added benefit of childhood spinal manipulation is early detection of symptoms for correction. Did you know that an infant's spine will grow by 50% during the first year alone, doubling in size within their first 2 years! Scoliosis, for example, is an abnormal lateral curve in the spine which usually develops during childhood. Diagnosing scoliosis at earlier stages increases the likelihood of correction with chiropractic before the condition becomes permanent.

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Benefits of Care for Infants

  • Improves ability to sleep
  • Relieves colic and acid reflex
  • Improves immune system
  • Relieves ear infections and ear aches
  • Helps with feeding, breastfeeding, and latching issue

Benefits of Care for Children

  • Improves ability to sleep
  • Improves immune system
  • Relieves pain from injuries
  • Helps prevent future ailments

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