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Chiropractic Care after An Injury

At TilsonChiropractic FamilyCare, we specialize in cases that arise from sudden traumas such as automotive accidents, work injuries and slip-and-falls in public facilities. We are highly equipped to navigate the liability insurance process with you. Our goal is to provide you with accident care that speeds your recovery. 

Experiencing a workplace injury or through day to day activity can be frightening. Trauma to the head and back can disrupt the nervous system and misalign the spine. This causes greater concern when you worry about medical care, your health and income if you have to take time off work.

Dr. Tilson has provided injury care to hundreds of injured workers that have sought treatment.  It is important to seek treatment as most patients are able to make a full recovery!


Workers compensation insurance is job-related health care that employers are required to provide employees. This insurance covers an employee that has been hurt on the job.  At Tilson Chiropractic FamilyCare, we make sure that you can focus on getting proper treatment so you can safely return to work and minimize any adverse effects from trauma.


Studies show that:

  • Injuries can surface days, weeks, or even months after an accident

  • Patients who start treatments sooner rather than later are more responsive to treatment

  • Medical reimbursement from insurance companies for treatments started closer to accident date are more likely to be accepted rather than later since the origin or injury may be debated by other factors.


Hand and Wrist
Pain Relief

Don’t wait for pain! Call today for a free assessment on the how the right customized treatment plan can give you relief and speed recovery. We will work with the insurance company and go through the process with you. Call to schedule an appointment today:

Naperville, IL workers comp / personal injury services, call (630) 428-2299

Wheaton, IL workers comp / personal injury services, call (630) 949-2431

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