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Does your current treatment align
with your long term health goals?

Symptom Management Treatment

damage reversal treatment


Medication, Topical  Cremes, 
Compression Socks, TENS Units,
Steroid Shots,  Injections, Acupuncture, Nerve Ablation,  Physical Therapy,  Spinal Cord  Stimulator Implant Surgery,
and more

Electrical Biphasic Nerve Stimulation,
Photobiomodulation Therapy,
Electromagnetic Infrared Therapy, Metabolic Nutrition,  Oxygen Therapy,  High
Frequency  Vibration Therapy
and more

 Pain Relief Method

Blocking Symptoms

Pain relief is felt by temporarily blocking pain signals to the brain. For example, seizure medications, like gabapentin, work to slow the brain down which is effective for a hyperactive brain during a seizure. When it is used to control nerve pain, it slows down the brain so that the brain experiences less frequency of these pain signals. This however has many adverse side effects such as brain fog, forgetfulness, constant tiredness, as well as serious issues such as behavioral and mood change, suicidal thoughts, eye problems like involuntary eye movement and blurry vision, and more. Nerve ablation burns off the ends of nerves using radiofrequency waves to eliminate the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Spinal cord stimulation is a surgical implant that sends electrical signals through the spine to interfere with the body's pain signal response in order to reduce pain. All of these methods only focus on blocking pain and does not do anything to stop or even slow down the progression into advanced stages.

 Healing Damage

Treatments focus on fixing the actual nerve damage using specialized proprietary medical technology for healing nerves combined with other treatments (based on the type of Neuropathy treated).

Treat-ment Duration

Lifelong Dependency

These pain treatments may block pain in the initial stages. However, as patients progress into advanced stages (Stages 3-5), it increases the risk of developing debilitating pain that is untreatable through pain management methods, disability, amputation through infection, drug addiction or permanent dependency on drugs or medical support equipment.

Initial Treatment Period
(Little to no follow up treatment)

Depending on the stage patient starts treatment and type of Neuropathy, minimal to no continuous treatments are required after initial treatment period.


Short-Term Solution

Treatment goals are to minimize pain. Goals do not address damage, cause or contributing health factors that can escalate their progresion into advanced stages. Patients may not feel pain, but may still be bedridden.

Long-Term Solution 

Focuses on the quality of life after treatments are complete. By healing nerve damage and addressing cause and contributing factors, patients can live a pain-free and normal life as much as possible. They are able to regain feeling and strengthen balance, staying strong and independent as long as they can.

High Risk


Numerous serious side effects from medication or the possibility of adverse drug interaction increases as higher dosages and additional medications are prescribed to manage pain and to manage adverse side effects from those drugs. Risks of developing other health complications such as organ impairment, serious falls, and infections that are unable to heal increases as well. Surgical implants to block nerve response have risk of lead poison and malfunction. Nerve decompression surgery has high risk and does not guarantee that the existing nerve damage will stop causing symptoms.

Low  Risk

Treatment is based on natural healing of the body that does not alter brain and body nerve response. No synthetic or addictive substances. No surgical implants are placed in the body. Nerves health is optimized, not impaired.

Pain Relief

Types of Symptoms Treated

Although it may reduce pain, other issues caused by nerve damage such as numbness, balance problems or digestive issues may not be resolved and can worsen.

Pain Relief and Regaining  Feeling

Healing nerves means healing normal nerve function which includes sensory (symptoms, temperature, pressure, etc), motor (muscle function) and autonomic nerves (organ function).

Treatment Goals & Benefits

No Medication (3).png

No Medication

Pure-grade supplements and dietary support is used to optimize health, maximize function and lower inflammation.

No Shots (4).png

No Shots

Powerful medical technology stimulates the body's natural healing response for damaged nerves and blood vessels.

No Surgery (2).png

No Surgery

We use non-surgical, non-invasive FDA cleared, proprietary nerve healing technology to promote the healing and functioning of nerves.

No Implants (1).png

No Implants

Relief and healing can be obtained without high risk surgery or having to make changes to normal activity or losing your range of motion.

Steps for Reversal Care


Slowing and stopping progression
Imagine having a big leak in the boat. We need to take water out of the boat to keep it from sinking. And we also need to plug the hole so that more water doesn't continue to come in.

Pain relief treatment is like taking a bucket and getting water out of the boat.
What pain management treatments fail to do is plug the hole.
Eventually, there will be too much water to be able to save the boat.

About 80% of patients will experience a relief in their pain in the first couple weeks of treatment. But we don't just stop there. Our program is designed to stop the condition from getting worse and then work to reverse the condition to earlier stages.

Healing the existing nerve damage
After we stop the progression from getting worse, the nerves that have already been damaged need heal in order to stop the pain signals from reaching the brain.

In other words, we pl
ugged the hole in the boat. Now we have to remove the water that's already in the boat.

We use advanced medical technology to increase blood flow and repair the nerve using photobiomodulation light therapy, nerve electrostimulation, electromagnetic infrared and other therapies. The advanced light therapy signals Vasoendothelial Growth (VEGF) which in turn, signals the production of angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the creation of the new blood vessels which is needed to repair nerve damage. These blood vessels grow back around the peripheral nerves and provide them with the proper nutrients to heal and repair. This technology has 21 peer-reviewed studies with a 97% success rate with peripheral neuropathy.

Optimizing health
Proper nutrition is vital for optimal tissue and nerve repair.  While the medical technology, equipment, treatments and therapies can be seen as specialized tools, without the right nutrients, it would be like having tools but no materials to build anything with.
Our advanced nutritional therapies are designed to accelerate the healing process by affecting the complex processes of inflammation, blood flow, and bioavailable nitric oxide.

expert support
Neuropathy is complex and is considered by Medical Doctors, Neurologists and even other Chiropractors as "incurable". But it all starts with education and understanding why the tools and goals that allopathic medicine focuses on cannot heal nerve damage, slow progression or stop it from getting worse. 

Our Doctors specialize in Neuropathy Reversal Treatment, not just pain management.
We help patients prevent serious complications, regain function, regain normal feeling and go back to living life again. We monitor nutrition and activity tracking, provide health education, have remote Doctor check-ups and 24/7 chat support to help patients live proactive lifestyle by making healthy choices th
at optimizes nerve health.


Temperature changes as a result of

improved blood circulation after Initial Treatment Phase









Feet should all be red just like the legs.

In Neuropathy, blood flow is affected due to nerve damage. 

Notice that there is more normal red and yellow temperature colors in the AFTER photos.

Notice the decrease in purple, dark blue, light blue and green colors as well.

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