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Dr. Marissa Wossner

Dr. Marissa Wossner obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from National University of Health Sciences in Florida. She has extensive experience working with patients who have been in auto accidents and also loves working with athletes due to her intensive sports background.


Dr. Wossner was a gymnast for 17 years. Ultimately competing for Boise State University in Idaho, a Division 1 school. Through her years as a gymnast, she learned the importance of chiropractic care as she endured many injuries, including back injuries and a ruptured achilles tendon. Chiropractic care allowed her to continue gymnastics through all of her injuries.


Dr. Wossner’s passion for helping others began when she was a little girl and has only grown stronger throughout the years. Her philosophy is to help everyone reach their unlimited potential through high quality care and attention to her patients' needs.


Dr. Wossner loves staying active and spending time with her fiancé, cat and dog. She also continues adjustments because after all of these years, she still knows it helps her function at her best!

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