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“I started coming to see Doctor Tilson a few years ago after having issues with my ankles because of sport injuries. I saw improvement right away and was able to maintain an active lifestyle. Doctor T and his staff are always very helpful and do their best work on their patients. I highly recommend Tilson Chiropractic!”

- Doug S.

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The Importance of Chiropractic Care in Sports and Fitness

Chiropractic sports medicine is a drug-free, safe, and effective treatment for all athletes, not only elite athletes. Benefits of chiropractic care go beyond muscle relief after a competition. Receiving regular adjustments from a certified chiropractic sports physician can optimize overall health and performance, help prevent injury and aid in faster recovery times.


A healthier you starts by incorporating a nutritious diet, healthy lifestyle habits, regular exercise, and keeping your musculo-nervous system healthy. Chiropractic physicians can help with several common sports injuries in order to keep you working strong towards your long-term health resolutions all year long!


Whether the cause is spine, nerve, muscle misalignment, or a combination of these, Dr. Tilson will perform customized assessments to determine the appropriate treatment plan utilizing the combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, High Intensity Laser Therapy and/or other treatments.

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