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Tips to Fight the Common Cold / Flu

Be Proactive About Building a Healthy Immune System

  • Regular adjustments

  • Issues in the spine can increase the body's stress response which can lower the body's immune response. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help decrease this stress response.

  • Proper nutrition: Staying well hydrated, avoiding sugary beverages and foods, supplementing with vitamins as needed

  • Plenty of sleep and rest

  • De-stressing: Emotional and physical stress can increase the sympathetic stress response in the body elevating stress hormones like cortisol which decreases immune system response.

  • Exercising regularly! Moving the body helps increase lymphatic flow, release endorphins and lowers stress.

  • Using a humidifier. Viruses survive and spread more easily in dry conditions. Humidity between 40-50% relative humidity helps to decrease the spread of germs. This also helps to moisturize your nasal passages, throat and lungs, making it easier for you to breath. Just make sure to clean your humidifier regularly so that it doesn't harbor bacteria before use!

Minimize Exposure and Contamination

  • Wash hands properly and often. Be sure to get under the fingernails where germs like to hide!

  • Avoiding touching face, eyes, nose & mouth!

  • Avoid crowds if possible and people-to-person contact if possible, like handshakes or high-fives.

  • Properly cover your sneezes and coughs by using your elbow or tissue.

  • Sanitize and clean things that are touched often like your phone, doorknobs, keyboard and mouse, etc.


*Note: Tilson Chiropractic FamilyCare takes the Coronavirus crisis seriously and hopes everyone does as well. It is important to remember that feeling great due to regular adjustments does not protect someone from getting sick. Cornavirus is extremely contagious. We urge everyone to remember that no matter how healthy, observe current social distancing protocols while continuing healthy proactive habits.


The following resources can provide more information regarding the Coronavirus: provides up to date Coronavirus data. Click here

Local Contact for update on Coronavirus:

  • DuPage County Health Department 

  • Twitter: @DuPageHD 

  • Facebook: @DuPageHealth 

Illinois Department of Public Health

  • Twitter: @IDPH 

  • Facebook: @IDPH.Illinois 

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

  • Twitter@ CDCgov and @CDCemergency 

  • Facebook: @CDC

For questions about the Coronavirus, call the Illinois Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Hotline at (800) 889-3931 or email DPH.SICK@ILLINOIS.GOV


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