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Post-Accident Pain Relief

Chiropractors know how to assess and treat most problems related to the nerves, muscles, joints and connective tissues of the spine and body. Many patients who have gone to the emergency room or have received a check-up after an accident in a hospital may still experience pain, despite the lack of evidence for injury in their X-rays, CT scans and exam reports. In these instances, patients often turn to chiropractors.

Post-Accident Chiropractic Benefits Include:

  • Addresses the source of the problem instead of treating just the symptoms.

  • Prevents medication dependency & addiction.

  • Boosts chance of full recovery.

  • Reduces formation of scar tissue.

  • Provides quicker pain relief.

  • Helps body quickly and naturally fight the inflammatory response caused by the accident.

  • Reduces the chance of developing and slows the progression of spinal degeneration.

  • Helps decrease the chance of developing chronic and permanent pain.

  • Is an alternative to certain surgeries, reducing risk of Failed Surgery Syndrome.

  • Improves spinal alignments which optimizes nerve function.

Seeking chiropractic treatment soon after an accident helps with the development of delayed symptoms and increases the chances of a successful claims reimbursement.

If you have been in a car accident, don't wait until you have pain! Call now for an appointment 630-428-2299.


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