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Are Chiropractic Adjustments Safe for Children and Adolescents? (Part II)

Chiropractic is safe for children of all ages. Until the age of 6, children's spines are primarily cartilaginous and bones are still developing, therefore the techniques on children are not nearly as forceful as for adults.

4. Pain is a poor indicator of health. Nociceptors, or nerves that are able to register pain, only make up 10% of your nervous system. Some cases of cancer do not exhibit pain symptoms until final stages.Issues such as scoliosis developed in childhood are usually asymptomatic but can cause chronic pain later in adulthood. Instead of waiting for pain, it's far better to get treated when it's easier to fix.

5. Text neck. The children in the new generation are exposed to technologies like computers, tablets and phones at a much younger age. Therefore, they spend much more time looking down at them which is one of the main contributors to cervical (neck) alignment change such as Forward Head Carriage or "Text neck".Posture and alignment issues have a direct relationship with increased chances of physical disability as pressure and stress on different areas of your vertebrae can cause damage and disc degeneration.

The force exerted on an adult's head when viewing something at 60 degrees is equivalent to a 60 pound average weight of an 8 year-old!

6. Setting a lifestyle example. Many of our lifestyle choices repeated everyday over a period of time creates either healthy or harmful changes in our bodies. We can be proactive with active lifestyles, healthy diets, stress management and taking care of our spines. Or we can spend time and money later in life responding to disease and injury.

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