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Neuropathy & chiropractic

Discover how to get
Pain-free With Neuropathy

Without The Pain Coming Back!

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We help patients by helping them heal from the inside out. We focus on the problem, not just managing symptoms

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Next Day Appointments


Same to next day appointment scheduling

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Our Doctors and Health Team are here to support you on your health journey

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Insurance Accepted

We accept most major commercial insurance, HSA, HRA, FSA and also have affordable self-pay options

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Home Care


Home Care Programs are available for qualifying candidates who are unable to travel for office visits due to distance or are unable to drive due to Neuropathy

Do you experience pain,
numbness, tingling,
burning or balance problems
due to

Experience relief that lasts.

We believe that understanding the problem is the first step to finding the solution

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Much more than just symptom management.

We help patients do the
simple, normal, every day
things they miss..

  • Sleep through the night

  • Work without pain

  • Walk their dog 

  • Cook for their family

  • Drive over to see the kid's ball games

  • Feel the sand on their feet at the beach

  • Shower without assistance

  • Feel empowered, not hopeless

  • Spend time being you, not being sick

  • Be independent as much as possible

We're focused on your
actual problems,
not just symptoms

We're driven
to provide
you with
long term results,
not temporary relief

No Medication (2).png

No medication.

Medication is only limited to symptom treatment. It doesn't prevent, slow, reverse or cure Neuropathy. Many have serious adverse side effects that can make you feel worse, affect organ function, require additional medication to combat side effects or lead to opioid dependency.


Pure-grade supplements and dietary support is used to optimize health, maximize function and lower inflammation.

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No shots.

Injections are meant to temporarily reduce symptoms or lower inflammation- they do not stop or heal nerve damage. Shots may also weaken bone, damage cartilage, injure nerves and weaken your immune system.

Powerful, non-invasive medical technology stimulates the body's natural healing response for damaged nerves and blood vessels.

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No implants.

Spinal cord implant devices are meant to block the pain response to the brain, but does not address the underlying damage or progression of Neuropathy. Risks include lead poisoning, moving wires and malfunction. Surgery is required for battery replacement every few years.

Relief and healing can be obtained without high risk surgery or having to make changes to normal activity or losing your range of motion.

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No surgery. 

Neuropathy surgery include surgery for amputation to stop the spread of tissue death from moving further up the limb or surgery for only certain types of  Neuropathy to decompress nerves. Spinal surgeries are high risk. Surgery success rate is NOT the same as the percentage rate for reduced pain which is often far less. If Neuropathy is caused from multiple factors, surgery may not be enough to reduce symptoms. 


We use non-surgical, FDA cleared, proprietary nerve healing technology to promote the healing and functioning of nerves.

We're here to help you
every step of the way

meet our doctor.

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Adam Tilson, DC

Neuropathy Specialist

Our Goal Is To Help
You Achieve Yours.

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