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Sonia started coming to Dr. Tilson when she was 4 months pregnant. Dr. Tilson helped her get through her pregnancy smoothly and has helped her maintain a healthy spine since.

As an avid runner and with her background in nutrition, she likes to maintain a healthy lifestyle and spread encouragement to patients and staff. 


She is president of the Tilson Chiropractic Running Club. She is doing her best to train the staff for healthy runs (more like power walks sometimes) during lunch break!

Since coming here, she has been able to run longer distances without pain. On a daily basis, she runs 3-7 miles. The Tilson team helped her prepare for the Chicago Marathon in the fall of 2018 and she was able to successfully finish her first marathon and many more to come.

As a team member, she enjoys coming to work and helping others get a bit closer to being pain-free. She has learned so much and is eager to continue learning

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