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What is High Intensity Laser Therapy?


H.I. Laser Therapy is an FDA approved, noninvasive, treatment that is able to treat hard-to-reach deep tissue areas. Laser therapy is not only used for pain management but also for treatment of acute and chronic conditions of the neck, back, extremities, and joints. This painless therapy reduces treatment time and provides permanent results by stimulating the damaged cells of muscles, soft tissue and ligaments.


More powerful than cold lasers and Class III lasers, Class IV laser systems are used by professional athletes and sports teams as a highly effective alternative to cortisone injections and surgery. Laser therapy may be right for you if you suffer from post-surgical pain or have been told you need surgery.


Benefits of High Intensity Laser Therapy

  • Provides pain relief    

  • Accelerates the healing process   

  • Increases range of motion

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Stimulates tissue regeneration

  • Improves vascular activity

  • Reduces fibrous tissue formation

  • Improves nerve function

  • Softens scar tissue

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How Does H.I. Laser Therapy Work?

H.I. Laser Therapy is applied to the surface of a treatment area using a handheld applicator called a diode. The laser light (photons) penetrate through the skin, deep into tissue and into the damaged cells. The photons are absorbed by light-absorbing components of your cells called chromophores. The stimulation of chromophores on mitochondrial membranes incite the production of ATP resulting in increased cellular energy levels, pain relief, and accelerated cellular healing.

Laser therapy does not affect healthy cells. Like plants that live near a stream of water, damaged cells absorb what is needed from the "stream" of laser photons to create chemical energy for healing and growth.

Conditions H.I. Laser Therapy Can Treat

• Bursitis

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

• Cervical (neck) Pain

• DJD (Degenerative Joint Disease) / Arthritis

• Failed Surgery Syndrome

• Fibromyalgia

• Herniated Disc / Bulging Disc

• Lumbar (low back) Pain

• Neuropathy

• Plantar Fasciitis

• Piriformis Syndrome

• Post Surgery Healing

• Restricted ROM (Range of Motion) / Stiffness

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Strains / Sprains

• Shoulder Pain

• Tendonitis

• Tennis / Golfer's Elbow

• And Many More

I'm Interested! How Do I Start?

First, schedule a consultation with Dr. Tilson to see if laser therapy is right for you. H.I. Laser Therapy can provide most patients with pain relief including but not limited to patients with pacemakers, pregnant women and patients with cancer.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Laser therapy has been used for over forty years with few side effects reported. Some patxients feel occasional pain or aggravation of old injuries within the first few days of treatment as the tissue begins to heal.

How Do I Prepare for a Laser Session?

Patients should wear comfortable clothes, or a gown can be provided in order for the laser administrator to easily reach the treatment area. You must remove all jewelry, watches, phones, and all items that may reflect light. A bag for will be provided for your personal belongings. You will be provided with specialty glasses which are made to block the visible and invisible wavelengths of H.I. Laser. Permanent eye damage can be caused without the proper protective eye wear and precautions.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

The amount of treatment sessions vary depending on the type of condition, the severity of the condition and the person. Most acute conditions may take from 4 - 6 treatments while more severe conditions may require at least 8 -12 sessions. Chronic conditions may have an initial treatment phase, followed by 1 – 2 sessions per month.

Is H.I. Laser Therapy Covered Under My Insurance

Like LASIK eye surgery, laser hair removal and laser fungal treatments, H.I. Laser Therapy is not covered under medical insurance at this time despite the broad use and effectiveness of all these laser therapies. However, we do have different payment options available to make H.I. Laser Therapy affordable.

What Is the Difference Between H.I. Laser and Other Lasers

Lasers are classified into one of four classes. Therapeutic lasers commonly found in clinics will fall into the medium powered “Class III” or higher powered “Class IV” lasers. Class IV lasers should only be used by trained professionals as they can be 30 to 120 times stronger than other class lasers. Class IV is the strongest laser power consisting of surgical and therapeutic lasers:

1.) Surgical lasers use a thermal effect to cut and cauterize tissue.

2.) Therapeutic lasers use a photochemical biological effect that access deep tissue by penetrating deeper.

Tilson Chiropractic FamilyCare uses the most powerful therapeutic laser available. Our Class IV laser is unique and superior from other lasers due to the exposure damaged cells receive from the laser photons. The majority of lasers can only treat tissue from 1 mm deep to no more than 1/2 inch deep. Our 60W H.I. Laser penetrates the skin at an average of 10 cm deep. This depth makes the laser highly effective, especially for thicker areas of the body such as the low back, hips and thighs.

If the laser photons cannot reach the damaged tissue, the tissue cannot heal. The added penetration depth and strength of our Class IV laser lets us provide treatment to your deep tissue, allowing you to recover faster.

What Can I Expect During Treatment

During treatment, the diode will be moved in circular motions over the treatment area emitting a warm and soothing sensation. There is no pain during treatment. Sessions take 5 to 15 minutes, depending on the treatment plan. Patients can return to work under proper care instructions during the healing period.

laser therapy for the athlete

What is High Intensity Laser Therapy?


More powerful than cold lasers and Class III lasers, Class IV laser systems are used by professional athletes and sports teams as a highly effective alternative to traditional therapies such as cortisone injections and surgery. Our H.I. Laser Therapy will access hard to reach soft tissue, help to speed recovery, soften scar tissue and provide pain relief. For a free assessment on how laser therapy care improve your athletic performance, call today:

Naperville, IL laser therapy, call (630) 428-2299

Wheaton, IL laser therapy, call (630) 949-2431


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