As an aspiring chef and weekend warrior, feel free to ask me about dietary suggestions!


I have mastered the culinary fundamentals and use this knowledge to build up and continue to hone my craft. I have worked at several bib gourmand restaurants, and was previously chef at Table Donkey, and Stick. I learned about charcuterie, bread making, and expanded my knowledge on Spanish and Alpine (Germanic, eastern French, mountainous region) cuisine.  I’ve also worked for nominated Great Lakes best Chef, Edward Kim as well at Ruxbin and Mott St.


I enjoy reading/researching different ethnicities. Not only does it enable me to expand my culinary horizon, but it also allows me to learn about the history/and reason for using cooking techniques, ingredients, etc. I am in the process of launching a few pop-up restaurants to test the waters and eventually open my own brick and mortar.

I have also been gardening for the past 7 years to compliment my cooking. I enjoy raising a variety of plants and vegetables. It is exciting to learn about new produce each year (feel free to ask about gardening advice too!). I feel it is important to fully understand each ingredient (and the ingredient’s different parts) in order to master cooking. It is also relaxing and a great low impact activity.


I also enjoy long distance cycling, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. By continuing my chiropractic treatment, I am able to fully enjoy my hobbies and passions without any lower back pain.